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Harness the Power of Data

Organizations that leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to make quick, informed decisions are outpacing their competition. When you have easy access to the right information, you can be more productive and efficient overall.  More and more companies are focusing on intelligent reporting and data analytics to drive these data-driven business decisions.

Why Business Intelligence?

  • Get insights to make accurate and timely business decisions.
  • Help mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency.
  • Have more meaningful conversations, focusing on facts rather than subjective experiences.

Data Quality and Governance

“Without a systematic way to start and keep data clean, bad data will happen.”
                                                                                                                – Donato Diorio


Data you can Rely On

Having reliable data is key to data analytics and BI. We all know the axiom ‘GIGO’ – garbage in, garbage out. One of the key challenges faced by many immigration practices is the quality and reliability of their immigration data. Immigration groups struggle to keep track of and manage relevant data to quickly generate meaningful reports.

To ensure you have analytics-ready data, you must know what is missing or incorrect, and make sure you aren’t creating reports based on misleading or misrepresented information. Our “automated” audit tools (Immigration Data Audit Tool and PERM Data Audit Tool) combined with our data modeling provide an end-to-end solution when it comes to quality.

Data Management

Create a Master Data Model, Build Intelligent Reports, Audit Data Quality and Reliability, Data Preparation.

Data Mining and Analytics

Qualitative and quantitative analysis. Identify anomalies, patterns and establish relationships to solve problems   through data analysis.

Custom Dashboards

‘Stakeholder’ specific, interactive dashboards to track KPIs, SLAs, Immigration Spend, Case Volume etc.

Intelligent Reports

It’s time to take a modern approach and build “Smart Reports” powered by “Intelligent Automation”. ImmiLytics integrates “Intelligent Automation” into the report review process with built-in report-specific “Dashboards” and “Smart Views” that provide actionable insights.

Augmented Analytics

An approach that automates insights using machine learning to augment human intelligence and contextual awareness across the entire data

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