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Get valuable insights, establish benchmarking, and streamline operations to gain a competitive edge.

Harness the Power of Data


Organizations that leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to make quick, informed decisions are outpacing their competition.


The size of a firm doesn’t matter – everyone needs data to be successful.


It’s no secret that the immigration industry realizes the importance of data analytics, but while some great data visualization tools are available in the market, finding the right resources that understand both immigration processes and data analytics is challenging.

Get Data. How much time does it take your firm to complete each case type? Why does one paralegal or team take longer to prepare the same case type? How much does it actually cost to produce each case?  How much does it cost in terms of salary, overhead, lost opportunity? How lucrative are your firm’s various business lines? Every immigration lawyer should be able to easily answer these and similar questions, yet the most common answer is, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.”  Why? Because law firm’s struggle to capture important data around their business and often don’t really know how their firm is performing. At ImmiLytics, we’ve built proprietary methodology that captures and analyzes key information about your law firm so you can answer these questions with confidence.


Get Structure. Merely having data isn’t enough – it has to be collected accurately and structured properly, which requires building a data structure and creating data models is key. Unreliable collection methods, lack of good data governance practices, manual audit tools and disparate databases are just a few of the problems that immigration law firms often face when building out their own analytics. That’s where ImmiLytics’ two decades of business immigration experience comes in. Our methodology is tailored to the immigration process, and we “speak” immigration, so your business requirements won’t be lost on us.


Get Insight. Once the data is collected, it’s important to make sense of it in a way that’s understandable and insightful. Imagine a portal where you can see exactly the right graphs, charts, reports and other visual indicators based on data collected about your law practice. ImmiLytics provides sophisticated data visualization of everything from high-level law firm “vitals” to nitty gritty case details.


Get Smart. Now that you have insight into your law firm’s business, what’s next? ImmiLytics helps you plan for action. We’ll create next-generation reports based on your firm’s data and, using advanced algorithms and AI, you’ll see exactly the information you need to see, when you need to see it, on your ImmiLytics dashboard. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your business.

Sample Power BI Dashboards

Sample Tableau Dashboards

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