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Reduce errors, decrease processing time and operational costs, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Intelligent Automation. Not all automation is created equal. With ImmiLytics, you can take advantage of predictive tools and smart data modeling built for immigration to digitize your most administrative, manual and repetitive tasks. We’ll work with you to help you gain a competitive edge by achieving efficiency through custom ImmiLytics technology or third-party solutions. For example, our PERM Process Automation solution eliminates the ‘Labor’ from the ‘Labor Certification Process’ by automating and streamlining the PERM process from start to finish. See sample PERM Process Dashboards below.   


Automation Service. ImmiLytics’ automation services help immigration groups integrate automation into their daily practice to save time and reduce errors. Get rid of manual processing by using our automated tools:

  • CBP I-94 Entry Retrieval Tool – for retrieving high volume I-94 data with a single click
  • Receipt and Approval Information Retrieval Tool (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Immigration Data Audit Tool



Artificial Intelligence. Otherwise known as “AI,” artificial intelligence allows you to rely on technology to perform tasks that are normally performed by a human. Not just repetitive, administrative tasks, but certain discretionary tasks too, using computer systems such as speech recognition, character recognition, decision-making and more. At ImmiLytics, we help you first build systems to capture data, and then AI-based tools to utilize that data and assist you with your immigration practice. Today, for example, we’re working on a bulk petition preparation system that would allow you to generate hundreds of H-1B petitions with a single click. We’ll work with you to build AI tools that suit your firm and help you run and grow your practice.

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