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Are you invested in the success of your paralegals?

Lawyers and paralegals both succeed when paralegals are equipped with the resources and tools they need to be quick and efficient. Balanced workloads and increasing productivity can positively impact the bottom line.


One of the challenges law firms face today is resource management and performance metrics. ImmiLytics’ Calculators and Resource Management Solution address this.


Do your paralegals have what they need to get the job done?


Transform the mindset of Timekeepers to one of successful contributors (Profitability Calculator).


Develop case portfolios based on Timekeeper competencies (Productivity Calculator).


Inform Timekeepers about their contributions via ImmiLytics’ Timekeeper Dashboards.


Empower Timekeepers to meet/exceed expectation with efficient processes, relevant training and competency-based work assignments.


Reward Performers by adopting smart performance management programs, guided by our tools and the Paralegal Performance Bonus Algorithm.

“Anything that is measured and watched improves.”

                                                              – Bob Parsons

Paralegal Performance Dashboard

Law Firm 360˚ Immigration Practice View

When was the last time your firm performed a ‘Business Health Check’?

It is essential to have an overarching view of the success of your immigration practice at all times. It is not adequate if you just know ‘What‘ is happening in your practice, you also need to understand the ‘Why‘, to prepare for the future, stay competitive, and accelerate ROI. A forward-thinking strategy and innovative technology can ensure your staff, casework, processes and procedures are more effective and efficient.


Immilytics’ Immigration Practice Dashboard helps Partners/Attorneys better understand the business health of their practice and provide actionable insights across all immigration programs. With ImmiLytics’ custom dashboards, immigration teams, partners, practice groups, etc. can instantly get a 360˚ view of the business health of their immigration practice.


ImmiLytics helps –

• Identify key revenue streams and their growth patterns

• Track clients by volume and revenue

• Measure client satisfaction levels

• Identify inefficiencies in processes for core work stream

• Track productivity and profitability of timekeepers

• And more…