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Still not convinced that leveraging data and technology can help you grow your firm?

Try out one of our calculators to see how collecting the right data and performing intelligent analysis can give you immediate insight into your firm’s business and help you plan for growth.

New: FY21 H-1B Cap e-Registration Revenue Impact Calculator

The landscape of the H-1B Visa Program seems to be constantly changing. One such change is the proposed Electronic Registration requirement for FY2021 H-1B Cap petitions. From a revenue standpoint, this may not be good for immigration law firms.

Using our Calculator, you can learn how much of an impact the new e-Registration requirement is likely to have on your firm’s revenue.

Profitability Calculator

Our Profitability Calculator allows law firms the ability to set billing expectation, and calculate profitability of its Timekeepers.

We can build custom calculators to suit your firm’s needs.

Productivity Calculator (Timekeeper Case Portfolio Builder)

Our Productivity Calculator (Timekeeper Case Portfolio Builder) allows law firms the ability to better balance the workloads of Timekeepers based competencies and experience, and calculate productivity of its Timekeepers.

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