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Meet Shiv

Meet Shiv

The first thing you should know about me is that I’ve been living and breathing immigration since 2000, when I myself arrived to the U.S. as an immigrant.

Coming with a law degree from India, I started working at a small IT firm in 2001, helping them prepare H-1B and other visa petitions for the firm’s foreign-born employees. Not only was I comfortable with the immigration process, I was also able to connect with the foreign employees the firm was bringing over, since I went through the process myself. I worked at this small IT firm for three years, and then went on to a boutique immigration law firm in Atlanta to learn the immigration process from the law firm side. There, I helped file visa applications on behalf of the firm’s clients, did business development and, most importantly, started learning how to build various reports.


This is where my career took off. After a few years, I decided to leave this boutique law firm and joined a large firm – Ogletree Deakins. Here I gained experience with corporate clients doing high-volume business immigration work. I then worked at Microsoft in their in-house immigration team, and most recently at Fragomen Worldwide, until December 2017.

Throughout all these experiences, I worked through some of the most complex challenges faced by the immigration industry. I realized that my combination of skills was actually addressing a huge gap in the immigration market. I noticed that most immigration law firms, as well as the companies hiring foreign workers, didn’t have access to the kind of business intelligence and legal data analytics, I was building in-house for the employers I had been working with. I realized that I had a unique set of skills – immigration process know-how, technical savvy and a knack for data analytics – that could bring value to thousands of other law firms and employers. 
And so, ImmiLytics was born. Taking my nearly two decades of experience, I left my comfortable corporate immigration job and launched ImmiLytics to help law firms and organizations across the country manage their global mobility, streamline immigration processes and procedures, and leverage data to drive productivity and profitability. We help law firms or in-house immigration teams map their internal processes, figure out exactly how long things take, determine where there’s potential inefficiency, and propose ways automation can help. We then build tech solutions around our analyses, implement it, and can even support it going forward.

Reach out to me at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s talk about how ImmiLytics can help your firm grow!