Immilytics | WHO WE ARE
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There are a plethora of operational complexities and challenges faced by the immigration industry. The challenges can be broadly categorized into three segments:


Paralegal burnout/turnover stemming from lack of – balanced workloads, growth opportunity, performance recognition, etc.

Legal Data Analytics

Lack of intelligent reporting, access to data analytics and business intelligence, inability to track productivity and profitability, etc.

Technology and Processes

Limitation of current Case Management Systems, fear of  integrating automation, process inefficiencies, lack of adequate training and business tools, etc.

There is an evident gap within the immigration industry. ImmiLytics was established in 2014 to help bridge that gap.


ImmiLytics’ core service offering is Legal Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our unique methodology for gathering business intelligence, combined with our decades of immigration experience allows us to make recommendations on exactly how to take your immigration practice to the next level, and we fulfill those recommendations using ImmiLytics’ custom technology/solutions or through third-party partnerships. Our primary objective is to improve efficiencies, reduce cost, and enhance customer experience.


We are a boutique team skilled at working with clients of every scale (solo practitioners, small, medium and large law firms, and companies with in-house immigration operations). We’re your in-house immigration technology team without the in-house cost. We’ll help you automate and streamline your processes so you can focus on your clients and your business.


ImmiLytics’ knowledge base is comprised of decades of industry experience of program managers, paralegals, programmers, and data specialists who are dedicated to creating smart new technical products and services. Our custom solutions help solve real problems management struggle with when managing high-volume corporate mobility programs, both on the corporate and law-firm side of business.


Our Mission

To bring business intelligence, data analytics and growth strategy to immigration teams across the globe. We help law firms and companies capture, analyze and understand their immigration data in order to make smarter business decisions.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where business immigration decisions are frictionless. We combine immigration expertise, innovative technology and a unique business model to help organizations navigate the complex immigration process with ease.


Why ImmiLytics?

We work to fill the void that exists in the immigration industry.  Through our unique methodology for gathering business intelligence, and providing gap analysis and growth strategy, we provide tailored solutions that are needed to ensure you are performing at an optimal level. Our service offering is unique and there is no one else like us in the market.


It is our priority to make Business Intelligence and Legal Data Analytics an easy and decodable language, so you can make quick and informed business decisions. Don’t worry, we are here to support you every step of the way. We become your business consultants, project managers, and most importantly, you biggest supporters.


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