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Automation / RPA Services

Do more with less!

Automate mundane immigration processes with ImmiLytics RPA Automation


ImmiLytics RPA Automation. Allows you to do more with less, freeing up employees’ time to focus on tasks that require uniquely human qualities like reasoning, judgment, and direct customer interaction. Mundane administrative processes for your law firm like data entry, document renaming and immigration processes like forms drafting, LCA PAF creation and more…can be automated. Automating mundane tasks gives you the power to focus on more meaningful work.


ImmiLytics RPA Bots. Hire our RPA Bot and take the first step toward building your digital workforce. Our bot is specifically programmed to execute a task or a series of tasks. Because our bots follow programmed rules, they help your firm improve process quality, efficiency, consistency, accuracy and compliance. They further augment human talent, increase productivity, improve your customer’s experiences and provide a solid foundation for intelligent automation.