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Foreign National Mobile App

My Immigration MApp

The only mobile app created for foreign nationals.
The only mobile app independent of a case management system.

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    Your case at your fingertips!

    Get access, notified, and informed on everything important about your case.

    Key expiration date tracking

    The app notifies in advance on your immigration status and other critical expiration dates, giving foreign nationals the ability to be proactive to prepare documents and information to get the ball rolling.

    I-94 at your fingertips

    No more manually retrieving your I-94 from the CBP’s website. Just key in flight details and the app will automatically retrieve the I-94 information and document from CBP’s website. The app will also scan your I-94 for potential errors and even send your I-94 straight to your immigration provider. The app will monitor and alert your provider promptly if any I-94 error could negatively impact your status or work authorization in the United States.

    Be in the know, always

    No more asking for status updates from your immigration provider. With any development on your active and other open ongoing immigration cases, you will receive timely alerts and case status updates through the app, in real time.

    Stay informed on Green Card eligibility date.

    The app tracks the U.S. visa bulletin and green card application processing and notifies you when you’re eligible, or when there are any updates to your pending case, via push notification right to your smartphones.

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